You have been given the superpower to change one law of nature, how do you use it.


If I had the power to change something within the laws of nature, I would first try to define the laws of nature. The laws of nature will forever be continuously defined by philosophers and scientist.

Since many laws of nature are a regularly occurring and inevitable phenomenon that is observable within humanity. I will never change any law of nature. Changing any law of nature will certainly screw up humanity.

If I had a superpower, I want humanity to establish a deeper understanding of how the whole is greater than the assembled parts. Hence the symbol of “Yin & Yang.”

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4 thoughts on ““If I Ruled the World””
  1. A profound thought–to have a greater understanding of our connectedness and corporative strength.

  2. Perfect! Amen…..wouldn’t that be wonderful!

  3. Interesting appraisal of Yin/Yang.

  4. What a deep philosophical yearning. I also believe, “if it ain;t broken… Don’t fix it”. But there are always those in the world that want to tweak things!

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