What is your worst quality?


After a lifetime and career of selfless giving to my family, country, and community. My worst quality or flaw has become “selfishness.”

Yes, I have succumbed to doing anything and everything just for me, at least, some of the time.

Since retiring, family and friends have assumed I have the time to attended to their needs only because I’m retired.

Guilty feeling aside, It has taken many years to learn to say no and enjoy whatever I want to do instead of what was expected.

Unbeknown to many, I’m proud of my title, and since everyone has some type or form of human flaw, I wear the badge of selfishness proudly.

I know as the years progress, I will return to giving of myself.
However, since I have learned to conquer and accept my flaw, I will continue to be a little selfish, because I like it! 🙂

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