“Press It”

Give some love to three blog post you’ve read and love in the past week and tell why they’re worth reading.


The three blog post I have chosen are prolific within the blogging community I follow.

Although, I’m partial to the well known Angloswiss, who I try to read daily. She inspires my creative writing with her tales of Mr. Angloswiss and her felines. Her recent story was created from the WordPress Daily Prompt, “Pick Your Gadget.”

The Passionate Ambika is a blog site I recently came across. I immediately found a connection with her site as a writer, photographer and nomadic wanderer. Her “Life Line” daily prompt response is insightful and filled with wisdom for the soul.

My third blogger, I want to recognize is “A Writers Life” and their latest response to the daily prompt “The Guilt that Haunts Me.” This blog posting is poetic and very nicely written.

I enjoy reading the posting of writers who are bloggers, as I’m inspired by their writings.

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