“Teen Age Idol”


Who did you idolize as a teenager? Did you go crazy for the Beatles? Ga-ga over Duran-Duran? In love with Justin Bieber? Did you think Elvis was the living end?


I have grown to love and enjoy music from across many genre’s highlighted with blues jazz, Rock and R & B of the 40’s to present day, but, I never idolized any singer as a teenager. I guess it’s a guy thing. 🙂

But, as I grew up my sisters, and females friends, admired Michael Jackson, Danny Osmond, along with Shaun and David Cassidy.

I have matured with the technology, collecting all of the thousands of songs and albums for my musical library, except for old time country music.

For the past fifteen years, the Dave Mathews Band is the only group I have seen live several times and I will continue as long as their music stirs my soul.

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  1. The old RCA table top combo record player and radio my parents passed on to my brother and I was AM only. At night it would whine and hiss between those 50,000 watt power stations that took over the darkened airwaves. CKLW in Windsor; WABC in New York (back when they played rock ‘n roll); Buffalo, Boston, Chicago all entertained and educated us about guitar, bass and drums. But sometimes on Saturday night the dial would pass the noise and land on “The Oprey.” For 60’s kids, bluegrass and western swing were like a foreign language but it stuck with me. In the 70’s when punk and disco crowded out the four and five piece rock bands, I went back to country. It saved my musical sanity. Now my mp3 has it all from Sinatra to Van Halen with generous amounts of Merle, George and George. And if you’ve never heard the angelic voice of Alison Krauss, well, your loss.

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