Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.


This past weekend reading, writing, and the NFL playoffs were united with music across several genres.

Beginning the day reading a couple of Kindle novel’s by Zora Neal Hurston’s, Tell My Horse and Tom Reiss, The Black Count while classical music played softly in the background highlighted by Luciano Pavarotti’s, Ave Maria.

I transitioned from classical music to soft and smooth jazz with the likes of Bony James and Jimmy Smith’s Walk on the Wild Side, while writing a couple of posting on my blog.

As noon time approached and the NFL playoff football games, the bass pounding sounds of the Gap Band highlighted with Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind played to a fever pitch excitement.

After completion of the games, the softness of night eased, with the music of George Harrison’s, My Sweet Lord, soothing my soul and the mood as I returned to reading and writing before the weekend closed it eyes.

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2 thoughts on ““B+ Weekend””
  1. A day accompanied by beautiful music is the best kind of day. Sounds delightful~

    1. One of the best technological inventions is listening to my personal musical playlist of jazz, blues, and smooth jazz continuously all day and night as I type.

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