“Key Takeaway”

Give your newer sisters and brothers in WordPress one piece of advice based on your blogging experiences.


There are many adjectives I could use to describe my overwhelming excitement and experiences with my WordPress family of bloggers. I think, I will keep it simple and short with three suggestions and recommendations.

My advice to new bloggers

  •  I suggest and recommend reading the available literature on the WordPress site to discover the various blogging avenues to include the Daily Post, Photography and Poetry.
  • I would suggest and recommend participation in the WordPress Blogging University 101 and 201 programs as the foundation to build confidence, knowledge and your audience.
  • I suggest and recommend visiting blog sites in the genre of your interest to build the knowledge to develop your style.

These are all great ideas and although there are many books to research and learn to blog. However, I believe WordPress provides an easy to learn process, with an incredible blogging community to discover.

WordPress Daily Post Prompt