“The Eight Sin”

Do you know the seven cardinal or deadly sins?

If you had the task of adding a new trait or behavior to the list, for whatever reason. What’s the 8th and Why?


The seven deadly sins list are,

1) Lust,
2) Gluttony,
3) Greed,
4) Sloth / Laziness,
5) Wrath,
6) Envy,
7) Pride,

A vast majority of the world’s social problems are caused by violating most if not all of the seven deadly sins.

Now, I’m guilty of most of these sins, fortunately, my awareness of the list has kept me from over indulging.

I chose “Ignorance” to become the eighth sin, because, living a life unaware of the seven deadly sins is shamefully unacceptable. It is possible many people just do not know.

However, since the list will never appear in any form of mass media, other than this posting. Will it make a difference if others are aware?

Would you consider passing this information on as your part, of paying it forward? 🙂

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