Ten Commandments For Writers

Great words of wisdom and advice. I try to write at least two-thousand plus words daily and read 2-3 books monthly.

D.S. McKnight

Some writers are very disciplined. Me? Not so much. As life happens, my writing pays the price.  It tends to be the first thing that gets moved to the “I’ll do it tomorrow” list and I end up feeling frustrated with my lack of progress.  I admire writers who stick to schedules, who recognize the importance in what they do. In an effort to make some changes in my writing life, I came up with a set of commandments that I hope will help me stay on the path.

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  1. These are great to live by! I want to start planning out my posts for the week, my sister does that- she starts writing them, saves them as drafts, and builds on them when she is ready to post.


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