“Live to Eat”

Some people “Eat to live” while others “Live to eat.” What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?


I have traveled 937 miles, taking about fourteen hours, from my Northern VA home on the East coast to my Midwest home for the tastes of a great meal. I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, along with water and coffee during the trip.

Once within the city and before heading to my home, I would stop to purchase a six pack of White Castles burgers at the drive-thru window, and yell as I leave, “I will return for the other half on the way out of town.”

Upon my arrival and the exchange of kisses and hugs, I began the appetizer portion of my feast beginning with Bar-b-Que pork ribs, and a local sandwich called a “Shrimp St. Paul,” which is an Egg-Foo-Young patty, with lettauce, mayonaise, cheese and two slice’s of bread.

I would pace myself in anticipation for the main course of Fried Chicken, mixed greens, hot buttered mashed potatoes, oyster stuffings, candied yams, homemade dinner rolls and finish the meal with a large slice of German chocolate cake. Right now, my mouth salivates with the thoughts, scents, tastes and flavors of the meal.

However, those days of over-consumption are in my past, never to be visited again.

I’m a pescetarian, I eat when hungry, take smaller portions, and never consume foods to fill my stomach until my belt has to be loosened.

I feel healthier, with my active lifestyle, carrying less weight, allowing for more sustained vigorous outdoor activities and I eat to live to sustaining my strength when hungry. 🙂

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