“My Quirky Habits”

Which quirky habit annoys you the most and what quirky habit do you love for yourself or others.


I have a quirky habit to clean my kitchen and bathroom repetitively when I’m writing.

With music playing in the background, I clean my kitchen or bathroom humming or singing two songs per room.

When I attend a party where food is served at the homes of family and friends, I volunteer to cleanup. I’m usually always invited to these parties.

I rarely eat at restaurants because I critically critique the tables, chairs, silverware, dishes, and glassware.

Some of my family and friends believe I have a condition called obsessive-compulsive disorder also know as OCD.

I think, I have a quirky habit because I, only cleaned the kitchen once while writing and editing this blog post.

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  1. In had to think about this for a moment then realized you’re onto something. When I’m writing I tend to finish then walk away to do nothing. Yet, you’re being productive. Bravo!


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