“Never Again”

Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about?


When it involves food, I have an open mind to try anything once or maybe twice. However, eating pears will forever be on my “Never Again list.

On several occasions, throughout my fifty plus years on the planet, I have attempted to eat different varieties of pear’s to include the Asian, Red & Green Anjou, and the Red & Green Bartlett. I have tried the Bosc, Comice, Concorde, Forelle, Seckel and Starkrimson pears.

During each of those attempts, usually within .1 or .2 seconds, my taste buds can identify the gritty sandpaper texture of a pear even mixed with other fruits. Pears are possibly the only fruit on the planet I will never again eat. 🙂

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