“Kama Chemeleon”

Reincarnation: Do you believe in it?


As a child, I played outside on my swing set, I laid on the grass staring at the cloud formations seeing birds flying above between the trees in my backyard.

I dreamed of living my life as a bird and over the years, the type of bird I wanted to become has changed since I was a child. I initially thought of being a pigeon, until my third-grade elementary class when I discovered what pigeons ate.

Of course I moved on to Eagles, followed by the super fast Peregrine Falcons but, since living in Southwest Florida, I have fallen in love with the Osprey.

Ospreys mate for life, they share the building of a nest, their diet is 99% fish, and they look cool flying into the waters to capture their meals.

The evolution of what I would like to be if reincarnation is possible is to become an Osprey, it similar to my current lifestyle.

Click the link to view an Osprey Cam

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