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For the past ten months, I have expanded my blog beyond a daily prompt response, to include short stories, flash fiction, photography, and poetry. I have discovered sketching and painting along with defining mix media. I’m still learning about the independent publishing world.

Beyond all of my creative art learning and discoveries, they are small loving hobbies within the giant shadow of my longing to widen the area of my nomadic travels.

To satisfy my desires, I occasionally have merely on a whim-driven fifty or sixty miles to visit a U.S. National or Florida State Park, to simply photograph wildlife or the landscape of a sunrise or sunset. In the coming weeks, my nomadic desires will be quenched, when I return to the back roads of America.

Although I’m also tempted to join the international travels of a fellow travel blogger, I follow, “The Minority Nomad,” who is currently in Asia and will be in Europe in late spring and early summer.

Either way, my longing for adventure travel will be quenched! 🙂

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