Life is a Vapor

I love this story.

I wish and hope to live beyond one-hundred years of age to experience the advances in humanity.

Life is a fleeting sense of experiences, and while engaging in life with the eyes of curiosity, adventure, and wonderment, aware that change is progress and needed.

The alternative is stagnation which can be worse.

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Violet was musing over her long life.  A conversation she’d had the day before with one of her nurses had set her mind thinking over her years, and how quickly they seemed to have gone by.

One hundred years ago, her life had begun in her parents’ bedroom. No doctor had been in attendance; only a midwife was there to help her mother.  A century ago, that hadn’t been unusual. From what Violet understood, midwives were  regaining some professional respect, and she thought that was a good thing–as long as there was help available when it was needed.

1915.  Only two years before America finally joined her allies in World War One. Of course, Violet didn’t remember that, but it almost seemed as if she did because of all the talk about it over the years.

The next…

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