My response to the daily word prompt “Handwriting,” is a revised and edited version I posted less than a month ago. Enjoy 🙂


My handwriting career began in a Headstart classroom, with crayons, chalk, and number a #2 pencil. My last semester of high school, I reluctantly took a typewriting class my mother made me take. Bless her heart. 🙂

As high school sports and bandmember, I thought the typewriting class was for girls. But, my teenage hormones quickly appreciated the benefits of learning how to use a typewriter. Several months later when I attended college my typewriter education paid off, thank you, mom. 🙂

I recently began handwriting letters using a pen and quill. Yes, the old fashioned feather pen, dipped into an inkwell. It is time-consuming, but it delights me with a bit of writing nostalgia.

The handwriting process slows my pace of thought creating a written legacy when I seal the letter with red wax embossed with my first name initial. The letters provide my family with the experience of receiving a form of antique written communication.

The response to my letters is usually in the shape of an email, telephone voice message, or text. However, the first family member who responds in the form of a letter will receive a unique gift. 🙂

For those who do not respond it allows me to assess who receives holiday, birthday cards and gifts.

The various form of human communication has evolved from, cave wall drawings, through stone and wooden etchings, to pencils pens, typewriter, and now texting.

With the current technology of texting handwritten letters are slowly becoming a nostalgic form of communication like the typewriter, and the number #2 pencils.

In the end, communication whether cave drawing, etching upon stone or wood tablets, using pencils or pen. Communication is more important than none at all.

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5 thoughts on ““Handwriting””
  1. I use to like writing letters by hand. But now my penmanship is horrible. I would love to get a letter written in ink and sealed in wax. What kind of paper do you use?

    1. Hey Kim I bought the paper, envelopes, initial stamp and wax from Amazon site. The paper is identified as follows; Roylco R15286 Antique Paper, 8-1/2″ x 11″ Size.
      The envelopes are identified as; JAM Paper® #10 (4 1/8 x 9 1/2) Recycled Parchment Paper Business Envelope – Antique Gold. The initial stamp is described as;Outop Vintage Retro Wooden Alphabet Letter Initial Wax Classic Sealing Wax Seal Stamp and the Manuscript Sealing Seal Wax Sticks Wicks for Postage. Letter.
      There are dozens of various Ink, Pen & Quill sets to chose from. I only paid 20.00 for the set. Good luck on your endevore surprising family and friends with a hand written letter. 🙂

      1. I looked at the seal and put it on my wish list some time ago. I didn’t purchase it because I said I wouldn’t use it too often. But the idea of sending notes to the family is an excellent idea. I could do it for birthday.

        1. I try to write at least once a month to a family member or close friend just to keep the old writing fingers nimble. 🙂

  2. I love this idea! And it would help me with one of my personal resolutions to devote more time to contacting family members.

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