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“The South”



Many locations in the US south like the above morning sunrise photo taken in Tavares Fl with morning temperatures in the mid 70’s are considered warm temperate zones, but, mother nature can bring a chill to certain parts of the US South.

With hurried excitement, I recently left Southwest Florida to begin my travel blogging nomadic lifestyle when mothers-natures weather decision of cooler temperatures and 16-plus days of rain in the Mid-Atlantic cause me to reconsider my early May travel plans. 🙁

Yeah, yeah, I know, most people would say I lack the hardcore travel mindset to be in cooler temperatures, but, I’m retired and with friends in the warmer US. South. I’ll take warmer weather over cooler temps and rain anytime.

Ironically my last few blog post were written outside on the patio of a Starbucks because it was too cold inside. 🙂

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