The world needs to eat from a three layered marble cake of understanding, tolerance, and compromise covered with tastefully sweet rainbow icing on a platter of love as its foundation.

Understanding another person’s plight is simply to consider walking in their shoes.

Tolerance of others no matter what you have been taught or believe is showing how evolved you have become.

Not that you are better than the other person, it shows you are tolerant and understanding.

Compromise is the essence of agreeing to get along with others who we share this planet. Agree to disagree without violence.

Here is an idea; “If any issue you stand for does not involve the opposition, or group having to sleep with you at night or assist you in paying a bill in your home.” Don’t worry about it!

Keep your personal discontent to yourself and understand that with over a billion people on the planet you can find someone you can agree with but do not ever use violence or demeaning words to prove your point.

Just understand and if you cannot, move on in life.

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