Embarrassing moments take place throughout life, and every time I see someone spill a liquid in their lap, I think of the horribly awkward moment when I returned from the men’s room and my son age 12 or 13 at the time pointed to the front of my pants and announcing aloud they were wet.

It was assumed I needed an adult diaper with every attempt to explain what happened as everyone laughed, and since this was during a family reunion with several dozens of my cousins in attendance, I was embarrassed beyond belief.

It was then I began to hatch my plan for revenge. I know what clothes fit my son and what one’s do not. So, I recalled the day we packed our suitcases, and he wanted to take swimwear too large for him to wear. Instead of arguing with him I just buried the pair deep under my clothes and packed a pair I knew would fit him properly in the pool.

A couple of hours later, before he prepared to go swimming, I returned to the room earlier and laid the oversize swimwear on the bed, and like a moth to a flame, he took to the pair immediately.

So with camera in hand, I followed my son to the pool and watched as he dove into the water, and when he surfaced, I took the most incredibly embarrassing photo that will live forever in posterity. I explained to him I would only show the picture at graduations, weddings, and of course when he has children.

Returning an embarrassing moment is always perfect for a parent.

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5 thoughts on ““Embarrassing””
  1. That’s a little evil but I like it. Reminds me of a day when one of my daughters refused to put her swimming costume on underneath her clothes and then, when her older sisters began to take their clothes off at the beach to reveal their own costumes ready for a splash, she whipped down her trousers before thinking and…yep, bless her. Luckily she was seven at the time but it is a family moment we treasure and bring out for an airing when needed 😉

    On another matter, I use a tablet to access your site (and everybody else’s!) and I can’t see your posts at all unless tablet put on its side. There appears to be just your title, a search box, and your lower menu. If I turn it upright to type in the comment box it all disappears again. You might want to check the settings for phones and tablets?

    I hope your day is a fabulous one!

    1. Hey thanks for the comments. I will check my settings.😧😀😊

  2. oops! and i think your last line is right )

  3. Laughing…don’t we all have our embarrassing moments!

    1. Oh yes we do! -:)

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