Of the food, we consume, what is natural?

Food is considered natural if grown without herbicides which prevent unwanted vegetation and pesticides that slow the attractions of certain insects. So, if natural food growth is original, what is organic?

There are specific definitions for both, natural and organic foods with many different agricultural agencies around the world defining the two. You can choose the definitions you like to define what is natural or what is organic for you.

For me when I hear or read the word natural used as a selling point, I usually assume it isn’t natural.

So what is natural? It is a definition that is unique for every human, but, I wonder, do any mammals and animals consider this option when seeking food to eat?

I’m sure wild animals don’t define what is natural or not. I can not imagine foxes, raccoons, lions cheetahs, snakes, and birds of prey taking a bite and deciding not to continue with their capture. 🙂

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