I use the word “serendipity” to describe the events that have brought about my writing and photography experiences and opportunities.

Serendipity took center stage Tuesday morning after I met an old friend of thirty years. We sat for breakfast sharing lots of experiences from our previous career and catching up on our lives in retirement.

After an hour or more, we stood, embrace in the man hug saying our goodbyes with plans for me to see his wife’s bluegrass band, in the future.

I sat down at the table, opened my laptop when I recognized a unique and familiar Appalachian baritone-bass voice. I looked to my left and less than ten feet away, was a fellow retiree from my former career seated with his son.

I walked over to his table, and when we recognized one another, an excited loud laughter erupted from us both, followed by a hearty embrace and handshakes.

For the second time, in a day, I sat for another hour or more talking and catching up with an old friend from my past

When I began writing, my thoughts reflected on the serendipity of meeting two former co-worker now retirees for breakfast. Uniquely they share the same last name but are not related by blood, but we are family.

I smiled and thought how serendipitously funny my morning had been. 🙂

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