The word burn can conjure up many ideas of the flame burning to cause injury or to warm feet around a fire. However, this single word contains so many meanings, literally and culturally.

A burning flame can destroy life with its heat melting anything in its path causing smoke to choke the life from everything alive.

When controlled and contained, a burning flame provides heat, to warm a body, cook food to providing nourishment to sustain life.

The word burn has, cultural and social applications like the phrase “burn rubber,” a car reference, “A burning desire,” which if not controlled can lead to a burning sensation and my favorite burn baby burn, which means what is says, to burn. 🙂

I love the versatility of the English language because a single word like “burn” can mean so many things to so many users.

Although, if English is not your first language, the use of a single word like “burn” can be quite confusing when not used correctly in speaking.

Now, for all of my blogging friends from around the world, who use English as a second language, trying using the word burn in a phrase or a sentence and let’s see what you can conjure up with the word burn?

Post responses in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on ““Burn””
  1. Burn, Baby Burn – Disco Inferno: was a great song in the classic 1978 Disco Film, starring John Travolta – called Saturday Night Fever. This song summed up the theme of the film, perfectly. A story about a young man, hitting the dance floor at a night club; in New York and setting the scene, on fire. The singers in this cinema classic were: perfect for the dancing routines; which were performed meticulously – by Mr Travolta; and, his pretty dancing partner. That is why this film has gone down in history; as, the world’s – biggest selling box office sales, movie musical. Namely, because it was: tactful, well calculated, meticulous, entertaining, relaxing, enjoyable; and, an easy to follow story – that humbled your senses and emotions; and, psyched you up – to want to dress up – in your best and brightest formal clothes; and, shoes and socialise, with your friends and peers – on the weekend!

    1. Now that’s one I forgot! It still is an iconic movie, with an incredible sound track by the BeGees!😀

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