Oh, how I would love to live on an island.

I was offered the opportunity to live on an island off the coast of Key West when I received a newsletter from the US National Parks artist-in-residence program asking for applicants for its residency located on the Dry Tortuga Island 90-miles off the coast of Key West Florida.

The US National Parks operates artist in residence programs in many of the parks across the country. However, the Dry Tortuga is one that requires the applicant to be a couple. It explicitly states “no single candidates.” Since I don’t have a companion, I was ineligible for the program.

I enquired as to why the program required two, and it was explained it was a safety precaution. The example being If one person becomes ill, drifts out into the Gulf of Mexico or simply vanishes hopefully, the second person can alert the appropriate authorities.

As I read the reason, I was dismayed, but my imagination conjured an entertaining mystery novel idea. Hmm? 🙂

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