I was at my favorite coffee house when I read WordPress’s daily word prompt “Guest.” I noticed employees using direct eye contact, greeting the customers with, hellos, welcomes, thank yous, and please come again. The hospitality was verbal and visible with every customer.

What alarmed me were most customers failed to acknowledge the employees hospitality and comments. Many just stared up at the display boards trying to decide what to eat or drink.

As a guest, it is important to acknowledge the person showing you hospitality with a verbal answer and direct eye contact.

As a customer, I’m guilty of this when ordering something because I’m in a hurry. I have learned to slow down and acknowledge the time and thoughtfulness the person is showing me.

To be a guest is easy. However, it is also important to recognize the hospitality shown with direct eye contact, a verbal response, and smile. 🙂

Be my guest, be my guest, be my guest!

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