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Forgetful RV’ers


Jim aged 87 and Mathew, age 89 are retirees from Florida and have been full-time RV’ers for the past twenty years. Late one night they are seated around a campfire in Mesa AZ when their discussion turns to when they plan to turn their keys in for a sticks or brick home in a senior community.

Jim: A couple of months ago my wife asked me to hang up the keys

Mathew: Didn’t your wife die over a year ago?

Jim: Oh, Yeah, but she talks to me from time to time. How, about your wife?

Mathew: I thought I saw here earlier today. But, my son called yelling that she was in El Paso TX but, I don’t remember stopping in Texas.

Jim: How is your son?

Mathew: He hid my keys a couple of weeks ago, but I paid my grand-son a dollar and a promise to let him drive the RV when he turns 16 in ten years.

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