Punishment is a form of revenge for victims who suffers directly from an offense.

However, others who become aware of the offense, by sight or knowledge usually voice their opinions and desires to see some a form of punishment. Hence the statement, crime against humanity, we all suffer.

Since the beginning of time punishments have become the norm to correct certain heinous behaviors although most continue to this day.

Example: “Thou Shall Not Kill” is a part of every religion on the planet earth, yet, people still kill one another.

Over time using draconian punishments to prevent humans from committing an offense has not worked too well.

Are punishments for the victims, or those who have an opinion? So, punishments are designed for who?

Will the punishment effectively change the outlook, perception, and behavior of the person who committed an offense? For small children and especially teenagers, this can be debated forever.

When we witness the infliction of punishments onto those, who have been judged to receive punishments. Does it desensitizes our perception and beliefs allowing for more punishing ideas to be inflicted onto those in the future?

The evolution of punishment dates back to stoning to death, pushing someone off a cliff, beheading, hanging, firing squad, electric chair, and lethal injection. I assume when humanity begins traveling between planets, ejecting people into space will become a form of punishment.

So, the question remains? Punishment, is it effective, sufficient, useful, practical, competent, or adequate?

In my time I have witnessed victims forgive the offender, oppressor, and punisher which is a rare occurrence, but reveals a unique evolution of humanity.

Can we forgive instead of punishing?

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One thought on ““Punishment””
  1. The best “punishment” causes a person to correct their behavior. That is the hope of parent who punish. The child may pause, and exercise their restraint. Bottom line, it is often a way to show just how upset we are about the behavior, whether a spanking for a child or a prison time-out for a criminal. Does it change behavior? I think evidence is pointing toward it not working, but that doesn’t tell us what does.

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