The Great Platt River Archway Monument


For the past two decades, I have traveled in both directions on Interstates 70 in Kansas, 80 in Nebraska, and 90 in South Dakota. Most people know of the area as America’s bread basket but, I have nicknamed it the void.

The six or eight-hour drive depending on the number of times you stop to break up the boredom of the void depends on you, however, the ride provides stunning views the vast prairie lands the first time you cross, but after that, it is just a straight line with minimum curves between two points.

On my recent westward drive along Nebraska’s Interstate 80, my view was interrupted by the Great Platte River Archway Monument crossing both east, and westbound lanes of Interstate 80, which is visible for many miles before you arrive.

The monument is a historical testament to the millions of travelers who passed through this location to destinations west of the Rockies. Thier 2000 mile walk was slow and tedious averaging twenty-five miles a day, allowing the travelers to view their past three days while viewing the vast distances ahead of them.

The walking tour with audio headphones describes the murals painted walls along with many props used by settlers from that period in American History. The impact on the indigenous populations and Slaves who followed their masters westward is also discussed.

The gift shop and tourist information located on the first floor of the monument along with an outdoor maze provides an excellent stop for families.

So, if you are traveling across America’s breadbasket or void just remember those before you and the hardships they suffered and your time along the highway will go a little easier. 🙂

The Great Plat River Gateway Arch Monument  Youtube video


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