Over the past one hundred years, generational divides are usually a contentious issue within families.

I suspect, during the period between 1920 and 1960, the debate between young adults and their parents when they wanted a car, from parents who grew up walking dreaming of riding a horse.

Social media, cellular phones, and tablets are today’s generational divide I witnessed first hand when my children were in the middle of puberty. Instead of a car, they wanted a cell-phone.
I could never imagine opting out of wanting a car because, with a car, I would drive to a friend home to talk, especially when she is a girl.

There, was a time when birth, wedding, and death announcements were a part of the local newspapers. Now, more of these announcements are made in a tweet, or you read about it on Facebook, then you exchange texts to discover the details.

Generationally a love letter mailed to a home delivered by a letter carrier is becoming a thing of the past. (Not the electronic email love letter.) Years ago, love letters were exchanged between two people the world over. The envelope was either white, pink or sexy red, sealed with red lipstick impressions and scented with perfume. For me, to receive one of these letters was equivalent to a 10-year-old getting they’re first cell-phone.

I remember that letter like it was yesterday, lipstick impressions on the front and back of the envelope, the scent of Channel #5, oh I’m sorry I was lost in a time long ago, like the 1980’s.

Personally, mailed love letters are becoming historical keepsake items lovers maintain to reminisce when there was time to express thoughtful, heartfelt, loving emotions by pen, pencil, or crayon.

But, with today’s technology with cloud servers, it is possible to keep love letter forever.
I imagine my grandchildren reading emailed love letter shared between their parents after they discover the password to the cloud server, and ancient love letters will be in a museum under sealed glass to view and read.

Now, that’s a generational divide spanning less than twenty years.

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2 thoughts on ““Generational divide””
  1. You can’t tie a ribbon around your e-mails, Instant Mes sages, or tweets, and keep them in a special box that you can touch every time you come across it.

  2. Love this! I still stand by the importance of letter writing in this day and age of instant mail/email. I still do that on occasion — I write thank you notes and the occasional letter expressing my thoughts and feelings to a friend…even to an ex-lover (my downfall, but that’s another matter entirely).

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