Do Not Give Up On Your Dream

Stay focused on your dreams and never give in to what others say.

Vincent Egoro

Some of us have been told it is dangerous to dream, to use our imaginations. When we dream, we were told that we are building castles in the air. We have been tagged “Dreamers.” But our doubters fail to realize that every real castle, every home, every home was an ‘air castle’ in the mind of the Architect first.

Dreaming is creative, as it brings into reality our desires and hopes. The skyscrapers, and other amazing structures you see around today, were first a dream, then they were put down on paper as plans, before they were erected.

Every man or woman who has accomplished great things in life, have been a dreamer, and whatever they accomplished have been in direct proportion to the clarity, the energy, the persistency with which they visualized their desires, held to their dreams and struggled to make them a reality.

Never give up on…

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