“Learning. “


Learning is a desire within many people or is it?

For some learning is completed upon high school graduation yet college graduates become annoyed or discouraged when asked to learn procedures within their chosen profession.

There’s an old adage that states “you will learn something new every day up to the moment of death.”

It is believed the foundation for learning develops in the womb with the sounds of music, the tastes of food, and the emotions of the mother. I guess that’s why I still crave Ritz Crakers and peanut butter.

Before I began the headstart program and kindergarten learning was primarily a portion of my world, with an abacus, wooden block with number and letters.

Fifty plus years into our current world, people can learn and gather knowledge with access to a computer, handheld tablet or a visit to the local library.

The libraries allow free access to learning either by checking out a book, using their computers or accessing the wealth of free library information including books, magazines, and movies from your own personal computer.

Yet, with the availability of free learning utilizing technology, the missing element of learning is desire.

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