My evolution of the word “VICE.”

As a child growing up, my father had a garage with a workbench with a vice similar to the one in the photo above. For me, the word “vice” has taken on many different meanings after the age of 21.

On a rainy day, the vice was my indoor playground toy. I took great pleasure squeezing various items in between the jaws of the vice. It was like a day of experiments, I discovered tennis balls explode, baseballs don’t, they just get dented.

Glass bottles will shatter, and I learned the importance of wearing gloves & protective eyewear. Metal cans, take on many different shapes and the super rubbery, bouncy balls tend to crack open with a popping sound. Giant insects like grasshoppers and dragon flys get a smashing along with fingers and thumbs.

As a young adult, I discovered the word “vice” covers immorality, wrongdoing, wickedness, badness, evil, iniquity, villainy, corruption, misconduct, and misdeeds;

Today the word vice is associated with an HBO documentary special or the band “VICE or the band Vice.”

For me, the word vice has evolved from an indoor play toy to the evils of humanity. Now, if only the world’s Vices could be squeezed out of humanity in a vice.

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