In college, there were weekends when many in my dorm would venture out to the lake near the university for a keg party.

I reluctantly attended hoping to leave after an hour to return to my room to study some world history.

It was a warm evening when I met a beautiful girl named Saundra, Thompson, standing next to her telescope. She was an astronomy graduate student viewing the twinkling stars above through a telescope she set up. I was intrigued by the telescope and her smile.
For the next two hours, we discussed our professors, classes, and mostly astronomy.

After four beers, we both felt sleepy, so we laid on a blanket she brought, and I never wanted to stop talking with her.

Several hours later, I was awakened with twinkles of light, shining into my squinting eyes. For some reason, I imagined I was looking through Saundra’s telescope and seeing the stars above.

However, after I heard someone ask, is he ok? I opened my eyes wider to see Saundra and several people standing over me.
I apparently passed out and was embarrassed when I realized drinking four or five beers on an empty stomach is not recommended when attending a keg party at the lake.

Saundra and I dated for two years before we married and started our family, of three boys and two girls. After thirty-nine years of marriage, she is still the twinkle in my eyes.

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