Over the past 100-hundred years, clothing styles for male & females have changed with each generation.

The word elegant has been used to describe clothing of our past and some individual instances elegant is used to describe clothing worn by celebrities at formal events.

Elegant is the term I use when describing the clothing during the 70’s & the 80’s.
However, the 70’s polyester leisure suit was an experimental invention by chemical engineering students, who consume too much cocaine, blotter acid, and marijuana, on a Saturday afternoon.

In the coming 30, 50, or 100 years into our future, will the word elegant describe the clothing of today?

Honestly, I don’t think elegant will be a word used to describe the current modern cultural styles of today.

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  1. What are you doing up so early, Marty? You should be sleeping still at 4:30. Were you thinking of how elegant I would look in my Halloween costume? Lol, lol Di

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