During the funeral of my great uncle, Joshua, the brother of my great grandfather, I began thinking about all my blessings. I also thought of the past forty-eight hours starting with the birth of my brother’s son, Jerimiah, who was born Friday evening just before midnight.

Because of great uncle Joshua funeral, many family and friends arrived at the hospital giving the feel of a mini family reunion.

Many family members at the hospital were in town for the 12:00 pm Saturday wedding of my first cousin Jennifer to her fiance of three months.

After Jennifer’s wedding and reception dinner, I left to travel across town for a 6:00 pm wedding, with my boss Janice Wilmington and her husband, celebrating 50 years with a marriage vow renewal ceremony.
The reception lasted until 1:00 am with lots of dancing and lots of liquor.

I returned to my apartment at 2:00 am, to settled in for sleep until my telephone rang at 8:00 am. It was Jacqueline, my best friend, and hopefully, future wife. She was very sick and believed her gallbladder was causing her some problems.

I drove to her apartment and collected her by carrying her to my car and taking her to the hospital. Within an hour she was diagnosed and needed emergency surgery. I waited for her to come out of surgery by 2:00 pm and when she woke by 3:00 pm, she would be ok and would spend the night.

She begged for me to attend my great uncle’s funeral, which I did, and here I sit thinking about my blessings, my family, and friends.

However, after the last 48-hours, I need a recharge after the birth of a nephew, two weddings, an emergency hospital visit and a funeral.

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