“Perplexed, zing.”


It is early in the morning a half hour before the sunrises as I walk along a hiking trail to capture photos of mother nature, starting her day. This September morning, the weather is cold and crisp with the brightening sky glowing with streams of light from behind the mountains. My senses are heightened listening to the quiet wrestle of leaves above in the trees, with only my footsteps breaking the silence of the trail.

My eyes capture the sudden movement on my left, I stop in stride to confirm or determine what moved. I was perplexed as I watched the head of a little chipmunk peer from behind a large rock.

A moment later he zinged across the trail and into the grass and zinged back but stopped in the center of the trail less than ten feet from me.

He stared at me, and I at him. The stare down continued for twenty to forty seconds when he bent down grabbing something to eat, and I reached for my camera to capture the moment.

Perplexed are what animals appear when we humans are on the hiking trail during the early morning. Some zing away, and sometimes they stare in amazement.

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