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The year was 2011 when the World Bird Federation met for the first time since the 1966 DDT scare.

Ever since the last meeting many bird organizations like the City Pigeons Association, Finches World Wide, and the formidable World Predatory Bird Association have met individually but never as a single bird alliance.

One of the contentious issues that keep the groups from the meeting is the active Finch Lobbying Council. They and the Predatory Bird Association have never flown together on certain issues, mainly since the Predatory Bird sees the Finches as tasty appetizers.


During the 1966 meeting, several thousand Finches disappeared, without a trace and the Finches blame the Predatory Bird Association.


The Migratory Bird terrorist organization “Down With Borders, ” are threatening to use suicide flyers to disrupt human air flights.


Their last attack over New York City was defeated with the help of several hundred thousands of pigeons from the New York City Chapter of the City Pigeons association.

They used mass defecation and dive-bombing pigeons to break up their V-Formations preventing the destruction of many more human flights.


Luckily the pilot who landed on the Hudson River was a card carrying associate member of the pigeons association.


The terrorist organization “Down with Borders, ” is refusing to pay their border fees, and their bills have been mounting for decades. The predatory bird group is threatening to utilize the California Condor Commandos to quell the terrorist organizations saber rattling and make them pay their border dues.


The Midnight Owl Protectorate has been placed on high alert, and there are talks with other World Animal Organizations discussing the best course of action.

It is hard to believe, how this all started when birds mimicked humans who began marking their territory with borders over 2000 years ago.


The controversy of taxing the sky with borders will forever be a divisive issue with birds worldwide.

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  1. Oh no! Borders in the sky? Seriously!? Let alone sky borders can’t even stand the earth borders!

    1. It is unique, but if the birds could talk, the will want to tax the airline industry and airfreights will really be costly. 🙂

      1. :p humorous! But the fact is scary!

        1. Sounds like the beginning of a stage play. 🙂

  2. Hilarious! Very challenging to read this aloud to Hubby. We love it!

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