After moving to New York City Judith Carmine at 28 years of age has learned valuable lessons from her father’s wisdom filled comments about promises and loyalty.

Judith’s boyfriend Erick age 29, who she had been dating for the past year always promised many things and usually partially achieved what initially was promised. She recognized he is a loyal boyfriend, but she wanted more from him in completing his promises.

Erick promised to buy tickets for a theatrical play, but he forgot. On the night of the play, he suggested they buy the tickets at the box office.

When they arrived and reached the box office, they discovered the play was sold out, and Judith was angry. Erick suggested they go to dinner. Initially, Judith refused, but Erick fanatically insisted, begging for her forgiveness.

During dinner, Judith was not too talkative, but Erick filled in the moments of silence talking of their future together. Judith was not in the mood to consider any talk of the future when the waiter brought her a pink envelope addressed to her in red ink.

She looked perplexed and surprised to receive an envelope and looked at Erick who was smiling from ear to ear. Judith opened the envelope to find pink, stationery that was scented. As she opened the letter it was written in red ink, and began with;

Dear, Judith.

We have been dating for the past year and falling in love with you has added meaning to my life. I hope that we can talk about marriage, in which I dream of spending our life together as a couple building a family of our own.

Instead of buying tickets for the play, I placed a deposit on this engagement ring.
Judith looks up to see Erick holding an open ring box displaying a beautiful platinum ring with a half Karat marquis-cut diamond ring.

Judith begins to cry, tears of joy

Erick asks, Judith, Will you consider the idea of us marrying to live life together forever and I promise to work hard at trying to make all of your dreams come true.

Through tears and sobs, Judith says yes. They stand up and kiss passionately until the applause of a dozen people who walked from the kitchen.

They are the parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins of both Erick and Judith, They all rejoice in the upcoming marriage and the blending of two families.

Promises are words inspiring hope, and belief.

Intentionally broken promises destroy the faith and trust in one another causing hope to erode and inspiration to dissolve.

However, if promises are broken because of unforeseen circumstances, and an honorable valiant effort was made. 

It is the loyalty of the person that should be measured and forgiveness is given.

Joseph Carmine

The next night they all attended the famous play, Hamilton. 🙂

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