It’s been ten hours since I have seen my best friends and usually, they are home. I can tell something is wrong since the neighbor’s German shepherd, Felix is barking happy barks.

I’m worried.

Something may have happened to them because I’m usually smelling food cooking on the stove and getting tasty treats while the meal is being cooked.

If they don’t return home soon. Who do I call? Who do I notify? This feeling is terrible.

I hear happy barks from Sindi, the Boxer, on the other side of the house so now, I’m depressed. For the past hour, I have been standing at the window looking for them, and I know something is wrong.

I’m sick to my stomach worrying. I’m just going to go lay down in the basement and try and calm down. Something is not right. I’m scared.

I hear the garage door opening, and they are finally home. I will not run to greet them like I usually do. I will wait here in the basement and see if they look for me in the house.

Charley, Charley Charley!

They are calling my name. They are calling my name, YES!

Where have they been?

I’m running top speed and barking, and suddenly I’m in the arms of Crystal while David is rubbing me from my head to tail.

I stop wagging my tail, step back to look at them both.

David asks? Were you worried?

I turn my head sideways to indicate yes.

Crystal says we are sorry we are so late Charley. We stopped to get you a present. David opens the garage door, and there stood six-week-old Border Collie, Cable. He starts barking happy barks.

Cute, the little guy, is and quickly we become best friends. After several 2-weeks of house training on using the doggy door.

Now we never worry about when David and Crystal arrive home although, we are always glad to see them when they come home.

We both look forward to treats before dinner even if I have to share with Cable who keeps me company. But, I’m never alone anymore.

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