Is There Life on Mars?

This is a great travel blog site with incredible photos of adventurous travel dogs! 🙂


Day 6

Starting mileage: 3726.7

It was still raining when we woke up and even though the dogs are delicate and made of sugar, they wanted a quick walk despite the risk of them melting.  And then we continued the search for Ted’s Tacos from the previous night.  Now even though I had the exact address, my map was determined to send me somewhere weird.  I was about to make the U-turn it told me to when I looked up and…oh there it is.  When the crew from “Feasting on Asphalt” came here, they had fry bread and all kinds of tacos.  For some reason my stomach wasn’t up to that so early in the morning.  However the breakfast burrito kept calling out to me.  Wow.  Another must have if you’re in the area: a tortilla wrapped around bacon and egg and cheese and green chili and tater tots!  I…

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