Jacob and Hellen, have been married for twenty years when Hellen arrived home from work a couple of hours earlier than usual.

As Hellen turned into the driveway, she was surprised to see an “Easy Man, Maid Service” car parked on the street in front of their house. She assumed the car maybe for one of her neighborhoods.

Seven years earlier, Hellen went back to work as a civil rights attorney where she often bragged to co-workers about how Jacob kept an immaculate and orderly home.

Jacob was enjoying a successful career as an architectural engineer when he decided to stay home with their three children, who are now, ages 16, 13, and 10.

As Hellen entered her home to hear moaning and groaning emitting from her family room. She stood still for a moment stunned at the noise. She slowed her pace, placing her purse on the kitchen table, quietly tip-toeing towards the family room.

Her stomach begins to knot with nauseous fear as her imagination began cautiously suspecting Jacob involved in some inappropriate behavior, destroying the many years of trust she thought they had developed.

When she peered around the corner into the family, she heard another man’s voice. She stopped, took a take a deep breath and walk into the family room to see Jacob, her youngest son Jeffery age 10 and three other men in yoga positions. Helen stares in disbelief but relieved.

Jacob notices Helen and immediately stands up from his position to say hello. The rest of the men looked her way and waved, along with her son who yelled, “Hey Mom.”

Hellen waved to her son and smiled as Jacob walked toward her and explained he is teaching a yoga class to the new start-up cleaning business, employing only men.

Jacob notices a slightly perplexed look on Hellen’s face after he kisses her. Hellen returns the kiss and hugs, Jacob. Hellen continues upstairs to change and prepare for the evening.

Later that night Jacob and Hellen are snuggled together in bed watching television when Helen tells Jacob she had a nervous nauseating feeling in her stomach when she heard the moaning & grunting coming from the family room.

When I saw you teaching a yoga class, I felt guilty for feeling and sensing mistrust. I’m sorry, Jacob.

Looking into Helen’s eyes, Jacob tells her that every time you work late, I have thoughts of mistrust enter my mind. But at the Christmas Party when your co-workers congratulate me as a stay at home father, I understand how proud of me you are and how much you brag about me to your co-workers and I can never imagine either of us destroying our trust.

I believe we have a loving trust established and based on a foundation of mutual respect, friendship as man & woman, husband & wife, mother, and father for us to love one another for life.

When those thoughts and suspicions enter my mind, I just remember how much I love you, Helen.

I love you too Jacob.


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  1. Trust is the currency of relationships. It is what binds couples, parent-children and indeed wider society together!

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