Halloween is a perfect time to transform your persona into who you want to become with the use of makeup and costumes.

Most thoughtful transformations take place deep within the mental psyche away from prying eyes of family friends and opinions.

Once revealed to surprised family and friends, the positive comments empowers and reinforces your decision, while negative comments cause a repression of your thoughtful transformation.

However, your creative imagination is self-initiated and comes from within, your mind and soul.

So, as we approach Halloween, go ahead, be creative. Wear a plastic post-1995 Michael Jackson mask, with a dark blue bed sheet, dressed as a Greek councilman, while wearing a brown combat boot on your left foot and a Converse purple high top Chuck Taylors on the right foot. With pink tights, a matching multi-colored wig and wings attached to your back.

Now, that’s a transformation.

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