“Treasured Christmas Gifts, Short Story #3.”


It’s has been two days since Jeffery and Jacqueline consumed three bottles of Advent wine and ate four boxes of Advent calendar chocolate candies.

But, with the Christmas tree decorated, the Christmas shopping completed, and the Christmas Cards mailed. The Leahman family enjoys their Christmas evenings a lot more listening to holiday music and touring Christmas festival and lights shows in the surrounding communities.

So with less than two weeks before Christmas, the UPS driver delivers a large cardboard box addressed to Jaqueline from her parents in Las Vegas. The following day another large cardboard box arrived from Jeffreys parents.

They were surprised and had no idea what was inside the boxes wrapped in bright Christmas colors. Jeffery shook both boxes as best he could to determine what was inside, but only heard lots of many different parts.

They both called their parents to get an idea or hint of what they sent, but neither set of parents gave any indication, only saying they should wait until Christmas morning.

They pushed the two large boxes on on opposite sides of the Christmas tree when Jeffery turned to Jaqueline to ask, “are you pregnant?” Jaqueline looking back at Jeffery emphatically said “no.”

Jaqueline looking back at Jeffery flatly saying “no.”

What made you say that she said.

Jeffery, looking back at the Christmas tree and the two boxes they just positioned. “They are large enough to bassinets.”

Jacqueline face showing shock and awe, stated, with a determined voice. “Twins! Are you crazy?”

Jeffery, looking apologetic. Said, I guess you would have told me if we were having twins.

Jaqueline, taking Jeffery’s hand, pulling him close to her and kissing him on his cheeks, then lips. Softly, she says. “remember we were not going to try until the after Jason’s first year of kindergarten.”

Jeffery, tells Jaqueline, “I can’t wait until Christmas morning.”

Jaqueline; me two.

Jason, now standing between the two; me three!

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