Human communication has evolved but not vanity.


Recently I overheard a baby-boomer speak of never wanting to use the facetime feature of their mobile phone when taking with their grandchildren or family members.

Hearing this conversation, I thought about how far the human race has come in receiving and delivering messages over the course of time. But, within the last one-hundred years, the system has improved tremendously.

However, the technology to telephone someone and see their face while talking during a phone call I thought was one of the perks of our time.

Amazingly, vanity. Yes, vanity prevents or deters most or some people from utilizing their facetime on their phones. 

The baby-boomer explained to me that the youthful mental image of her dark hair, and wrinkle free skin, are in stark contrast to her current visual of age lines and sun spots preventing her from appearing to family and friends using face time.

I thought for a moment, and asked myself, “doesn’t her family know what she looks like?”

I guess vanity has not evolved with the development of face time?

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