The night before Christmas and all through the house all was quiet as the Lehman family was attending Christmas Eve Services where Jason was participating in the children’s Christmas play as one of the three wise men.

Because this was Jason’s first Christmas play acting role, Jeffery and Jacqueline were excited with their cameras and video ready to record the event. However, as they arrived at the Church, they were astonished when four people came they were not expecting.

Their parents!

Their reunion brought overwhelming tears, kisses, and hugs in front of the church.

Jason’s performance was videotaped and photographed by everyone, and they were overwhelmed with his performance as one of the wise men.

After the mass and the children’s play, everyone returned to Jeffery and Jacqueline’s home where they sat surrounding their Christmas tree with a gas fireplace flame warming the room. The families joy filled the room while enjoying the last bottles of the advent wine, while Jason, sipped warm cocoa.

Jeffery and Jaqueline questioned their parents about the two boxes they received for hints about what they could expect. Although neither sets of parents divulged any hints both said, they would stay the night to see the looks on their faces when they open their presents after Jason opens his gifts from Santa Clause.

Jeffery’s parents slept in the third bedroom while Jacqueline’s parents sleeping on the fold out cots in Jason room which both sets of grandparents debated over.

After everyone was fast asleep or so Jeffery and Jaqueline thought, they began to hear noises coming from the second bedroom. They both sat up in bed and recognized the noise was sensual moaning. Shocked, at they looked at one another, and they assumed Jeffery’s parents were making out in the spare bedroom.

The moaning continued for several minutes, while Jeffery’s father was clearly heard saying “that feels so good” several times. Embarrassed by the thought of what was going on, Jaqueline held Jeffery, as their moaning continued.

When the morning sun pierced the horizon illuminating Jason’s room, he excitedly got out of his bed and ran into the living room where his parents and both sets of his grandparents were waiting to get his photo and video of him opening his Christmas gifts.

After Jason open his last gift, Jaqueline pulled the large box address to her from her parents who readied their cameras, and they asked Jeffery to open his simultaneously. As the two began tearing through the Christmas paper and opening the large plastic containers.

Jaqueline started to cry when she recognized the toys she had as a child. Inside her box were her Pound Puppies, Lite Brite, My little pony, Glow-worm, 3-Cabbage Patch Dolls, 2-Care Bears, a Teddy Ruxpin, assorted Happy Meal Toys, 6-Barbie Dolls, Speak & Spell, Etch-A-Sketch, a viewfinder, and an Easy Bake Oven.

As Jaqueline touches each of the toys, she cries tears of joy, when Jason witnesses his mother crying he puts down his gifts and comforts her as does Jeffery. Soon the grandparents are crying as they took photos and video of Jaqueline opening her gift.

Jeffery’s, father ask, him to open his gift and when he did, Jeffery stood silently still gazing upon the toys of his childhood and youth. With his mouth open, he saw his G.I. Joe, Transformers, A Simon Game, A Game Boy, his Etc-A-Sketch, He-Man action figures.
Thunder Cats characters, Creepy Crawlers, His complete set of Master of the Universe, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, A Rock-em-Sock-em, his collections of hot wheel cars, and his famed Star Wars collection of figures and space ships, including his favorite.

Jason reaches into the box, and Jeffery’s deep baritone authoritative voice rang out, “don’t touch.” Jeffery’s mother tells her son, let Jason at least touch it.

Jeffery looking at his mother sits on the floor and places Jason on his lap as he reaches into the box to show him his most prized possession, the Star Wars “Millenium Falcon,” gently showing and telling Jason the significance of his most favorite toy.

The grandfathers are photographing and videoing the father and son, interaction while the grandmothers are crying along with Jacqueline, who leans over towards Jeffery putting her arms around him and their son.

Jeffery looks up at his father who is videotaping him and Jason. He tells his father, thank you so much, dad, as I pass on my love of what I loved when I was growing up on to Jason. Thank you, dad, thank you so much.
Jason, say thank you, grandpa and with tears in her eyes, Jaqueline, thank’s her parents.

There were tears of joy and loving hugs all around.

A little while later, during breakfast, Jaqueline was cooking as her mother, father and Jeffery’s parents were seated at the kitchen table. Jeffery walked into the kitchen when Jeffery’s dad asked him to help him stretch his shoulders by pulling his arms behind him.

His father held his arms behind him while Jeffery grabbed and begins to pull them together behind his back.

When he finished, his mother tells Jeffery, last night I gave your father a message when he developed some muscle tightness in his shoulders.

Jaqueline dropped a spoon she was using to cook with while Jeffery stumbled as he backed walked away from his father.

Jeffery’s mother asked Jaqueline asked if she was ok and she said, yes turning around to smile at Jeffery. His mother ask what are you two smiling about?

Jeffery, sheepishly says nothing, when Jaqueline’s parents were also grinning. Jeffery’s parents are a little perplexed looking at everyone, when Jaqueline’s mother, stated. We heard the moaning from the second bedroom, and we kind of thought.

Jeffery’s parents are beginning to recognize the misunderstanding and their faces show an embarrassment looks on their face when they all laugh.

Suddenly, in an embarrassing motherly tone, Jeffery’s mother, says “well we would never.” 🙂

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