As the new year begins many people will commit themselves to something. Whether it is a healthy lifestyle in the form of eating better, working out, or exercise of some type.
The burden of temptation is the emotional element that can destroy any all good intentions.

A temptation is an attraction, or distraction visible in mind or stomach yet basically an emotion.

Most temptations have people lusting or drooling after what they desire in excess amounts. To encourage moderations or to forgo the temptation altogether. Below are several inexpensive ideas.

1) Writing positive posted notes & sticking them on every mirror in your home, the exterior, and interior of your refrigerator, the front and rear doors of your home, and the dashboard of your car are options.

2) Posted notes at work, in your office, at your desk, on the sides of your computer screen with encouraging statements throughout the day.

3) Record positive messages using your cellular phone’s recording application to play back when feeling tempted.

These are subliminal positive messages programmed to encourage you not to fall prey to temptations.

Because in the end, temptation is what commercial media is expected to exploit

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