I imagine the incredible permutations of the root word, “cross,” and the various meaning and uses in the English language are incredible.

Of course, immediately the root word implied religion with the many variations of crosses and its implication around the word.

However, the word “cross” is used in the sports of boxing with a “right cross,” soccer’s “cross-field pass,” US-football’s “crossing pattern,” basketball “the crossover” and the simple act of walking across the street, at a crosswalk.

All of these uses of the word “cross” involve physical movement. Oh, I forgot, cross-stitch.

The word “cross” is used for the imaginary line of a body of water using or mechanical or self-propelled object when crossing an ocean, river, border, or state line.

We could on and on with the root word “cross,” but I will end it with the original word above. You know, like crossing a family member, close friend, or the double cross of an enemy, depending on the original friendship.

So, I have caused you to consider other uses of the word crossing. Now just for fun count how many times I used the root word “cross and crossing,” in the blog post.  🙂

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  1. OMG! It is time for me to go to bed. You know it is just 1.30 am I am not able to count. But shall tell you I am happy to cross your post at this hour. Very nice crossing.


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