Kevin and Katelyn Crawford ages 48 and 49 are a couple with four children ages 6, 8, 10, & 12. They are a very active family with all their children participating in some form of after-school athletic activities. They amaze their friends and neighbors as the two float through a five day work week, with ease and comfort managing their work schedules and the various children’s activities.

One of their secrets is they have no television.
All of their children use a computer tablet for schoolwork, to read books, but none of the tablets have access to any television or social media. Katelyn cooks breakfast every morning, and Kevin prepares their dinner meals every day. Their three older children help out with several chores around the house.

On any average, late Saturday afternoon, Kevin and Katelyn Crawford have finished with athletic activities with their four children and the family begins to settle down for dinner then watch a movie with their kids before going to bed.

But this Saturday is date night for Kevin and Katelyn. When Katelyn’s mother and father arrived to babysit their grandchildren, the couple hurries along getting dressed to leave.

Becuase of their stressful workweek, on Tuesday evening they began talking about their upcoming date night. After kissing the kids and final instructions given to the grandparents. The two leave promptly at 5:00 pm, enthusiastically walking out the door holding hands to begin their evening together without their kids.

After Kevin parked the car, they rush inside to start their night. Kevin gentlemanly held the chair out for Katelyn, and he settles into his chair next to his beautiful wife.

Their dinner appetizers of ricotta and prosciutto on crackers were on the table and they began to feed one another along with a bottle of white wine. They shared kisses and generous amounts of touching and groping one another. After finishing the appetizers, Katelyn retrieved the dinner meals from the kitchen.They ate their main course of a dinner salad, grilled porterhouse (bone in) steak, potatoes, spinach and a bottle of wine. They had cheesecake for desert and started another bottle of white wine.

After desert, they walk into the living room, settle onto the couch as Katelyn cuddled under Kevin’s arm while he activated the television and DVD player.

Katelyn, says aloud: I wonder what mother picked out for us to watch?

Kevin: I don’t know, but it was great of your parent’s to make us dinner. The steaks were grilled to perfection, and the cheesecake was fabulous.

Katelyn: I sure love the quite sounds we get to enjoy here, and in two weeks we will be at your parent’s home for date night, and they have a new sofa.

Kevin: Sometimes it feels a little wired to be here in your parents home without them or the kids here.

Katelyn: I know, but we are together, and that’s what counts more than anything in the world right now. I love you, Kevin.

Kevin: I love you, Katelyn

The two kiss and when the movie begins to play. They stop to see the title and it’s, “The Note Book.”

Kevin and Katelyn are a loving couple floating on air when they fell asleep within twenty minutes after the movie began. They wake four hours later to float home and resume their duties as parents. 🙂

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