It has been thirty-seven years of marriage, yet when I graduated college with a degree in English Literature with a fellowship to attend the Iowa University creative writing program for my masters of fine art.

I was extremely happy, and although I had not held my degree long enough to marvel at my accomplishment, Johnathan had asked me to marry him several times moments after our graduation.

It was May 16, 1974, and I had accomplished so much more than I was expected as a woman from a dysfunctional, & broken family.

My mother was addicted to alcohol, and my father was taken away on my 15th birthday because he could not curb his ability to take and possess items that did not belong to him.

My therapist suggested I keep a journal and ever since my sophomore year of high school my journal has helped me progress through every aspect of my life.

Other than the birth of my children and the successes of my career, one of my most prominent journals writings is the specific qualification list I made after my first date during the first semester of my freshman year of college. I can honestly say it was by far the worst date of my life and I had only dated eight guys.

Specific dating qualifications:
1) Handsome.
2) Educated with a degree in a field to support himself.
3) A great relationship with his mother, father, and siblings.
4) A romantic.
5) Confident, not cocky.
6) Willing to say he is sorry and apologize sincerely.
7) Attentive to me, with a positive attitude.
8) Humorous.
9) Passionate for only me.
10) Ambitious about life.

After the worst date of my life whenever a young man asked me on a date, I questioned him about specific details to serve him notice without ever stating. “I will not deal with any foolish behavior.”

I explained and demanded they treat me the same way they would want a young man to treat their sister on a date. My last statement would send those who did not have good intentions scurrying away.

But it was Johnathan who persevered, through three years of hardship after our first date and I can say with the help of his sisters and mother Johnathan not only qualified but exceeded beyond my specific dating list qualifications for me to say yes to marriage thirty-seven years ago today.
Although, Johnathan provided me with the worst dating experience 40-years ago.
Since our marriage, we have shared our love for one another that makes me proud to call Johnathan my husband, the father of our three adult daughters and grandfather of five grandchildren.

Every anniversary we have exchanged letters expressing our love for one another. This is my thirty-seventh letter of love to the man I will love forever.

Love specifically
Alberta Glasner

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  1. So beautiful that it touched my heart…

    1. Thanks, I’m trying some of my writing here on the blog as I write and edit several of my novels.

      1. That’s cool

  2. Woohoo!! Congratulations on building a wonderful bank account of beautiful memories and experiences!

    1. Thanks Mel & Susan! 🙂

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