The idea to participate in the marathon was initiated during an employees meeting when I quickly volunteered to support the team. A total of 14 employees rounded out the team which included the general manager and vice president. Everyone remained enthusiastic throughout two months of training because they worked half days on Mondays and Fridays.

On the last Saturday of April, the momentous day arrived, and all company employees gathered to support the employees who were named the Skylarks by the accounting department. Apparently, several employees decided on the name as they watched a pair of Skylarks build a nest, for several eggs that hatched 10-12 days later. They mail room employees choose the colors of maroon and white with a large maroon strip on they’re matching caps, tank-tops, shorts, socks, and shoes.

It took twenty-one hours and twenty-seven minutes for the last marathon ping-pong game to complete with the winning team of Sable construction company taking first place. This annual event was our first foray into competing in the ping-pong marathon that annually raises over 200,000.00 for the Children diabetes foundation in the greater Vancouver metro area.

The Skylarks took the last place, playing fifteen marathon hours of ping-pong raising $88,583.96

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