Loved Forever III

Great poetry posting. 🙂

Heaven has broken into my heart again. Just when I thought this soul of mine was filled to the brim with all the love it was possible to hold, expend, give, encompass or expect-still more is coming! 

A mother’s heart is a wondrous, bottomless well. I ponder the infinite expandableness of it. It’s ability to love is like the womb, growing to hold all it is given in blessing. 

Come, new One. I am waiting. We are expecting-our arms, hearts, homes, hands, eyes, all-to welcome, see, hold, know and joyfully greet you. You are now and always,

Loved Forever

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  1. We’ve always said and believed that we will always be a child in our parents’ eyes no matter how “grown” up we are. This is the indomitable spirit of parenthood.

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