Timothy and Susan Crawford were married thirty-nine years when on Valentine’s Day, their oldest son Jason asked his college sweetheart Meredith to marry him. Meredith said yes, and they planned a June wedding.

The two dated for five years, yet waited until they finished their post doctorate degrees before discussing marriage. The each shared rooms with friends off campus near the University and to save money they ate a majority of their meals at Jason’s home that was less than an hour away.

Two weeks before the wedding the Crawford’s hosted a family dinner to formally meet Meredith’s parents and her two sibling brothers who lived several hours away.

The Crawford’s served appetizers of cucumber sandwiches & shrimp cocktails, with white wine while showing photos and film of Jason from his birth to his College graduation on their big screen television.

Susan served a three-course dinner, beginning with a mixed green salad, with assorted salad dressing. The salad was followed by the main course of baked chicken, roasted mix-vegetable, with butter garlic potatoes, and buttered honey dinner rolls with wine and sweet tea. For dessert, German chocolate cake and apple pie with ice cream were served along with coffee and hot tea.

When they all finished eating, Jason and his younger brother began clearing the table of dishes, washing some of them by hand and placing others into the dishwasher. Meredith assisted with the cleaning and later mopping the kitchen which shocked her parents who watched in awe of their daughter.

Both of Meredith’s parents noticed how efficient all three were in how they were detailed in mopping the floor, wiping down the kitchen cabinets and polishing the counter tops.

As the young adult’s cleaned, the Crawford’s escorted Meredith’s parents into the family room to watch more family photos and film.

Meredith’s mother walking next to Susan whispered into her ear. I have never seen Meredith washed a dish, or mop a floor and asked did she teach Meredith how to do this?

Susan whispered back, for five years Jason taught her how to clean the kitchen after every meal they ate here. 🙂

By Expedition Nomadic Adventurer

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3 thoughts on ““Cleaning.””
  1. Oh my… If I’m not home, the dishes (even if I’ve made a full meal, spending hours cooking) the dishes don’t get done. I’ve spoiled my kids. I’m trying to change that, but I would like to know if Jason did it on his own, or if Mom told him that was required if he was to have company over. Change is coming very slowly around here, but it’s happening. Thanks for this sweet story: it encourages me.

    1. It just practice with kids. Both of mine, now adults have taken on my OBD traits of cleaning. lol 🙂

      1. Wonderful! And great life skills!

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